Whats on in and around Rowland's 

We are now in a new year but still under lockdown due to the Coronavirus.

We have chosen to do a bit less this lockdown and instead are concentrating on our young people who are members instead of delivering so many community sessions although our bingo and quiz nights were quite a success!  

The staff team have taken the groups they were working with prior to Christmas and continue to engage with them each week, working on tasks and challenges as well as speaking about health and well-being.


We are also planning on what our move back will be like- although no guessing on the dates and this will involve limited numbers/times/ restricted staff availability and this will be posted on our Facebook page. 

On this page we will post our monthly what's on calendar so that you can be reminded of whats on and when. 

In addition we continue to support partners and celebrate local and national celebrations and get involved as much as we can and again this can all be found on our facebook and twitter pages